SB   7 0


- Design product

- Surf board and sweater

- Design week Milano 2017

- Private commission

In response to the collaboration between Piero Dorazio, who is among the best exponent of Italian abstractionism in the last century, and Osvaldo Borsani (the architect and designer, known for being the founder of the company Tecno and for his furniture designs like the P40, the L77 and the D70) SB70 reinterprets a theme that the genius  of Borsani used in his D70 sofa design cover.
As said by Borsani’s brother Fulgelzio: ”Osvaldo created Tecno design with a focus on shape accuracy, the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process always keeping an eye on technology and people’s ever changing needs…” The functionality of movement now perfectly matches the shape and the approach with an artist such as Dorazio, cannot disregard the question : Art or Design?

What Fuzz Atelier, in cooperation with Surfer’s Den and The Quincey aims to accomplish is to reinterpret this question by decontextualizing and relocating a theme, used in  very high furniture design, on a complete different object, following the words of George Nelson who said: “The Designer is in fact an artist, who compared to his predecessors, uses different instruments, but is  still an Artist.”


+SB 7 0 for Salone del Mobile 2017, Milano+

Surfer’s Den’s Francesco A. Fiorentino has been manufacturing and designing surfboards and skateboards since 1999. Fiorentino handcrafts his boards and collaborates with designers, like Iacchetti, Ragni, Fioravanti and Savino going through a never ending search for innovation and fusion of different disciplines  and art forms. Professional surfers like Alessandro Demartini and Gabriele Raso use Surfer’s Den’s surfboards which are sold in Italy, the US, France and Israel.
The Quincey is an Italian psychedelic pop band born in 2012. Since 2014 they collaborate with the Surfer’s Den, spinning Afro/Cumbia/Psychedelic tunes for the well-renowned The Quincey night. They added to SB70 the series “ The Quincey for Surfer’s Den” (limited edition silkscreen prints) and the capsule collection of wool jumpers “Monday Moon” in collaboration with Bubi.

Photo Credit: Silvia Potenza